Just beginning your pole journey? Join us in our introduction class, Bombshell I where you will learn the fundamentals.

Come to class wearing shorts, a tank top or sports bra. No lotion before class, those oils will cause you to slip and slide — no fun!
Be sure to arrive 10 min early!
Ready to have fun? Remember, even your instructor was once a “new student”.

you will need to sign the waiver once you sign up for your first class. Don’t worry about printing a paper its done electronically through the site.


Drop in rate is $20.
Classes are one hour long. We invite you to save money by purchasing a multi-visit pass.
Please be aware that our passes do expire. Purchase three consecutive passes and the 4th is 50% off.
• 10 visits for $80.  (Expire in 4 weeks)
• 5 visit for $70.  (Expire in 8 weeks)
• 5 visit for $55.  (Expire in 2 weeks)