Somer Ahonen
Teaches the intermediate, advanced and cardio classes. Somer will build your strength, technique and grace- all the tools to reach your pole goals.

Keri Bogardus
Teaches the beginner Bombshell I class. Keri starts you with strength and conditioning basics for pole, then teaches and links moves into a short dance.

Linda Johansen
Teaches the beginner Bombshell I class. Linda has a sexy fluid dance style, after her classes you will be confident in working the pole.

KT Kwan
Teaches Finally Flexi (the splits class). Kt researched, learned and worked on her splits tirelessly. In her class, she shares her knowledge to safely guide you.  

Hannah Longhurst
Teaches the Bombshell I~Spinning and Bombshell II~Spinning class. Hannah creates a fun atmosphere for learning.  She can help you with engaging the arms and shoulders to pull yourself up and get spinning.

Shelly Meier
Teaches a beginner Bombshell I class and a beginner strength class. Shelly has a great dance style and will teach you how to move your body while gaining strength and confidence.

Erin Wynn
Teaches the beginner Bombshell I class. Erin has a great strength based class she is great at breaking moves down so you can perfect them.